Dragonoid by Jack

One day this beautiful dragon swept in on the landscape fighting for his family. Another dragon swept in and took a human from dragonoid’s family. Then suddenly he went for the evil, pushing to get to his family human, causing a great noise pushing back making the evil shredder with fear. The evil never returned.



4 thoughts on “Dragonoid by Jack

  1. I agree with your mum Jack, you are a talented writer when you put your mind to it. I’d love to see you extend this into a full story.

    Thank you to all the parents for looking at our blog! The children love seeing your comments.


  2. I agree with your Mum and Mr Biddle you are a great friend and talented with your writing any where. You always put effort in your work when you give it to me I think that your handwriting is neater than mine !!!


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