Home Build by Jack (my sequel to Stone Soup)

Home Build

Once upon a time, there was a traveller. The traveller came to an ancient village in the middle of a desert. There he met a homeless woman who was struggling to build a house.

“Can you help me build my house?” asked the homeless woman.

“No, I’m too busy!” replied the traveller.

“Can you just help me build the frame?” asked the homeless woman.

So, the traveller walked up to the homeless woman and said, “OK I will.”

The traveller got a hammer and put the frame into the ground.

“Oh, can you help me thatch the roof?” said the homeless woman.

“OK, it won’t hurt” replied the traveller.

So, the traveller helped the homeless woman. First he got the thatch and started putting on the roof.

“Thank you. Can you help me make the walls?” asked the homeless woman.

“OK, I will,” replied the traveller.

So, the traveller splattered the cob over the sticks. It took a little while but it got finished.

The traveller said sadly, “I wish I had a house.”

“You can live with me,” answered the homeless woman.

“OK, thanks,” replied the traveller.

And so they lived happily ever after.


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