What You Doing On The Holidays? Tommy ;)

Hello, 4GS! Hows the holidays going? All you have to just click the comment link then just put your name and write hows your holidays. My Holidays are doing amazing so far, I’ve been to the city with my family twice and bought some new shoes for my big sister and we got an hotdog and burger, the rest with relaxing…

So what’s your holiday like? You might find your holiday fun or enjoyful maybe both! 😉 Hope you all enjoy your fun holidays. I can’t wait until we move up to Year 5! ;);)


Hello again!

Hello 4GS,

I thought I’d write a quick blog post to see how you are all doing. I’ve been at my new school for a couple of weeks now and I’m starting to settle in. The children in my class are being very kind to me, which is great. They enjoy reading, but they are not as good as you (yet) for bringing in their reading records. The highest score we’ve had is 14 so far!! I read them the Koala Calamity book last week. I think my Australian accent has improved since I read it to you.

I hope you are having lots of fun with Mrs Stanners, Mrs Finlayson and Mrs Withers. I’m sure you are working hard. What is your topic this term? We are learning about space and have done lots of work about the planets in the Solar System. There is a really good mnemonic to help you remember the order of them. It used to be ‘My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets’ but, because Pluto isn’t officially a planet anymore, it’s now ‘My Very Easy Planet Just Speeds Up Naming’, which just sounds a bit silly. Perhaps you could come up with a better one?

Owen, I hear you won Star of the Week this week for being so grown-up and independent. Well done, I’m extremely proud of you! Rose, you’ll be pleased to know that my daughter, Leah, has just started reading Enid Blyton books. She really loves the Famous Five ones. Oliver, Lennon and Dylan- how is the ancient games club going? Search on the internet for a game called Senet, it’s an ancient Egyptian game and lots of fun. Madison and Alfie, I hope you’re still training hard for football. Everybody else, I hope you’re all alright and learning lots. I’d like to send each of you a message but I’m very busy trying to mark some maths books, watch snooker and eat Easter eggs all at the same time (trust me, it isn’t easy). I might have to stop doing something, hmmm, which shall it be?

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the rest of the term,

Mr Biddle

PS- I still miss you all!

Goodbye 4JB (and keep reading!!)

I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone in 4JB for being such a wonderful class to teach this year! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with you and am very sad to be leaving. It’s been great to see how much you’ve all developed and grown up over the last few months, and you can all be really proud of your efforts in Year Four.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the work we’ve done this year and learned a lot. It was amazing how quickly you all remembered Stone Soup and Beowulf. You worked really hard practising them, and then wrote some wonderful stories of your own.

To win the class reading challenge for 16 (or was it 17?) weeks running is absolutely amazing. Please make sure you carry on reading at home in the summer term and beyond. Reading is the best way to improve your mind, the best way to relax and the best way to understand how other people feel- but most importantly it’s lots of fun! Read as much as you can, as often as you can! I can remember all the great books we’ve read together- Unfortunately The Milk, Cloud Busting, Koala Calamity, etc. Hopefully you get to finish One Dog & His Boy with Mrs Stanners, as it’s fantastic.

Anyway, keep working hard for the rest of the year. I’ll make sure I check the blog occasionally so I can keep up to date with what you are all doing. Have a wonderful Easter holiday, and thank you for having me as your teacher!

Mr Biddle

I like this but I don’t like that…

This morning we wrote some wonderful poems about things we like and things we don’t.

I like school but I don’t like home
I like reading but I don’t like writing
I like December but I don’t like February
I like up but I don’t like down
I like Facetime but I don’t like Facebook
I like sun but I don’t like rain
I like maths but I don’t like English

by Madison

I like books but I don’t like poetry
I like pictures but I don’t like words
I like trainers but I don’t like shoes
I like Twitter but I don’t like Facebook
I like horizontal but I don’t like vertical
I like air but I don’t like water

by Reuben

I like Horrid Henry but I don’t like Perfect Peter
I like jelly but I don’t like custard
I like KFC but I don’t like Macdonalds
I like maths but I don’t like English
I like potatoes but I don’t like mash
I like balloons but I don’t like air balloons
I like poems but I don’t like raps
I like March but I don’t like April
I like pens but I don’t like pencils
I like apples but I don’t like bananas
I like Diego Costa but I don’t like Ramdal Falco
I like Leicester but I don’t like Man Utd
I like blonde but I don’t like ginger
I like left but I don’t like right
I like this but I don’t like that!

by Jordan


This term we have been looking at the story of Lazarus of Bethany and thinking about miracles. We spent some time discussing what miracles we would perform if we had the power. Our answers are below.

What miracle would you perform?